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Welcome to JapanDealer

What We do

We export new and used arcade games,PCB, cartridges, Home console and games, retrogames, animation goods etc.
Our company will offer you good games at a reasonable price with quick delivery.
Our company will offer you high quality games to fulfill your needs.
You can contact Us directly via E-mail (japanamusement@gmail.com).

We offer

Auction Bidding: Place your bid on Yahoo Japan! The best auction Site.

Shop Orders: Buy games and other stuff direct from shops in Japan!
Some shop names: R-Rakuten, Amazon.co.jp, capcom online shop, Sega Direct, G-Front, Mak japan, Try, SetUp, Sophia, Fillmoregames, FujitaCom, and many more.

Delivery information: We send parcels exclusively with tracking number. We can also send expensive items insured on customer's request.  Shipping price is clear. You can see the prices on japan post page and you pay exactly the right price, no more, no hidden fees

What's this service?

There are a lot of items sold in Yahoo Japan Auction or many others japanese shops and price are very very cheap. But almost sellers don't ship internationally, all explanation is in Japanese, you cannot register on yahoo jp auction without a valid japanese credit cards or ID, etc.... You must give up...
Then we can help you bidding on auctions. We can bid and take any item in auction or buy games directly from shops and ship the item to you.

How can I use this service?

Send to us the auction url or the shop name and game/item which you want to bid/buy.

All we ask is a small advance payment to carry out purchases. This payment can be 30% of the total value of the product that you want to buy.
After you sent this deposit we can proceed with the order.

- we can send multiple items in one parcel for save shipping cost.
- we can search any item at auction site instead of you, if you need it.
- If we lose the auction, no money will be draw from your deposit.

Of course you can send full deposit or more if you plan to do more auctions/purchases in the future.

    Total Price = (A) Item Price (with internal shipping) + (B) Our Service Charge + (C) Shipping Charge + (D) Bank Charge

Item Price (Yen)

It is the amount you will incur as if you are buying in Japan locally. It may include:
  • Product price of the shop / bidding price in auctions
  • Shipping & handling charge from seller
  • Japan bank charges (one time only).

Our Service Charge (Yen)
  • 500 yen for items up to 2499 yen
  • 18% for games with price below 30.000 yen
  • 15% for games with price over 30.001 yen
  • 12% for games with price over 70.001 yen
  • FEES are for one shop order, if you order from many shops in one time you pay single fee for each shop.

Final Price
0yen - 2499yen
From 2500yen
to 30000yen
30001 yen
or more
70001 yen
or more
starting fee
Our fee
of final price
of final price
of final price

Send the payments
  • fixed charges for cash withdrawal if Postepay (Italy only): 550 yen (one time only)
  • fixed charges for cash withdrawal if payment standard paypal: 550 yen + 4% of the total. (one time only)
  • fixed charges for cash withdrawal if payment "gift" (GIFT) paypal: 550 yen (one time only)

Shipping & Handling Charge

Shipping charge from our Japan office to your home


Below is a hypothetical calculation for illustration:
    Price details:
  • Price of item you want = 5,000yen
  • Shipping charge from the seller = 300yen
  • Bank charges when yo usend the money to us = 550yen (one time only)
  • Shipping charge from our Japan office to you = 1500 yen
  • (A) Item Price = 5,000yen + 300yen = 5,300 yen
  • (B) Our Service charge: 18% on (A) = 954 yen 
  • (C) International shipping = 1500y
  • (D) Bank Charge (one time only)
          Total Price:

(A)5300 yen + (B) 954 yen + (C) 1500 yen + (D) 550 yen = 8304 yen (final price delivered to You)

Money / Currency

All payments will be in EURO. You can use online converter for check the actual exchange rate: http://www.xe.com/

We are working for accept payments in YEN currency but until then we can accept only EURO currency payments.


To bid must first read this and agree on the whole procedure (no complaint or regret like "I did not understand ..." etc. When in doubt ask first).

After you need to send the payment via postepay (italy only) or Paypal and then tell us the url that you want to participate in the auction with the highest bid price you want offer. Auction request need to be maded 2 days before the end of the auction.

If you win and have enough deposit to your account to cover all expenses, we calculate the total object + all charges and send you confirmation of shipment.
If you do not have enough credit to cover expenses, the item will be shipped after you paid the remaining charges.

- If we loses the auction, there is no fee to bill you.
- If we wins the auction, we add the shipping charge for domestic and international.
- We need this fee for each auction/items you request.

If we wins the auction, we also need the shipping charge for domestic and for international.


How can I charge my fund to you?

Payment methods are many.

We accept:

  • Postepay (italy only)
  • Paypal (online payment), but there is some fees to pay (usually 4%).
  • Paypal (online payment) GIFT.
  • Bank transfert (that take up to 5 days to be registered so well you have to calculate the time between that and the auction end time.

Other notice for this service?

Best way for sending deposit is Paypal.
If you need to be refunded, we will do so immediately by Paypal. Please prepare "personal account" or "GIFT" of Paypal to avoid their fee. (You can withdraw to your bank account from Paypal easily.)
You cannot cancel your bid after we do it.
We cannot guarantee for auction item's condition.
You cannot return your item except different item arrival.
We guarantees safe packing for the shipment.
If the fund is shortage, we cannot send item to you. After receiving additional fund, we will send the item to you.
We doesn't guarantee for successful bidding. By any reason like network trouble, there is a possibility for bid failed. Or if someother ask us to bid more on the same item.

OK, where can I find my items?

Please see the list and shops page

Do you accept bidding/order request for even non game related?

Yes, of course. We can bid/buy any item in auction or shops.

Any good site for translation from Japanese to English?

Please see the list and shops page

Then, how do I send bid request to you?

Please send an emailjapanamusement@gmail.com

What about shipping?

There is 3 shipping method you can choose.

economy airmail (with tracking but slow): http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/charge/list/parcel3_en.html

Any others questions send an email : japanamusement@gmail.com

Thank you very much.

JapanDealer Staff.